The cats had a meeting.

GUUUUUURL it has been a WEEK!

  1. Dr. BooPaw Charles in Charge went to the vet Monday because he wasn’t eating and was puking.
  2. Tots, the outside girl suddenly stopped eating Monday afternoon.
  3. Taco had kidney recheck at vet Friday.

And this is all in addition to life, which is generally chaotic and weird. I also thought I was getting sick Monday and Tuesday, but apparently it was pollen. But the husband got actually sick which he never does. But onto the cats.

BooPaw, who I am considering re-naming Menace, has perked up just fine. He is now owning his whole space. He still walks funny sometimes and shakes but I’m not worrying about that just yet. Eats like a horse. A menace on my keyboard.

Panic steadily grew all week about Tots, because while I fully expected her to just disappear one day, as stray cats do when they go to die, she was apparently going to languish and die in my front yard.

So when the vet called me about BooPaw’s stool sample on Thursday, she said I could bring Tots in with Taco for his Friday morning appointment. Stool sample is fine, btw, but she wants me to keep the two insides apart for at least another week… and in a perfect world, TWO MONTHS to recheck for FIV and FELV.

Part of me worried about how to get Tots into carrier and what if it’s rabies (yeah, I’m crazy) and the other part of me worried about money, because I already know I’m in for 3 bills just for Taco’s quarterly bloodwork to keep him alive. As it so happened, she got in with only a bit of resistance, and off we went with two cats whose vocal cords operate just fine.

Tots is old AF. Dehydrated. Assumption kidney disease, since she’s been drinking a ton of water. We were just going to give her fluids and an appetite stimulant and see how she did over the weekend, but she ended up being a candidate for a appetite drug trial and earned herself a free stay at the vet hotel and free bloodwork. THE ONLY CAT THAT DOESN’T GET ROOM AND BOARD IS THE ONLY ONE BRINGING HOME ANY BACON.

Long story short, Taco’s kidneys are good, Tots’s bloodwork does not show what they would expect in advanced kidney disease to everyone’s surprise, and she’s eating. They’ll run thyroid test but overall, she’s coming home today and while she still may not have that much time left in this world, she’ll make it a bit longer.

I need a vacation, but I traded my birthday vacation for a cat, so here we are.


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