Volunteering for therapy (and for cats)

Although it’s been just over a month since we lost my beloved Moosh, a crazy cat lady never stops looking at rescue cats. Even when I was at the husband-mandated limit of 2 cats, I still stopped to look at the adoptable cats EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. And of course, now that my household is below the husband-mandated limit, we have what I like to look at as “room to save another.”

No, there is no replacing my Moosh. I don’t expect to. But just on the off chance that Moosh inhabited a new kitty body and is waiting to be brought back home, I have to be diligent in efforts to seek out Moosh’s reincarnated soul (side note, I don’t really believe so much in reincarnation but I will, at times, disregard logic to live in my own fantasy).

As it so happens, on a trip to the pet store, I encountered a very friendly volunteer who was cleaning all the cages of the babies and chatted with me while I snuggled some floof beans. Somehow I got talked into volunteering as well. It’s just two hours a week, cleaning some poop, giving some food, snuggling babies, hawking kitties to potential homes, and falling in love. Like, is that even volunteering? I get karma points for PLAYING WITH CATS???

Aaaaand because I am me, I fell in love with the anxy cat that needs extra love. He’s also black (as we all know, my favorite) and has a long nose (sorry to all the short nose cats out there, I love you too but I love the long ones just a liiiiiiittle bit more). And he loves belly rubs. FUCKING SOLD.

Now I just have to convince the husband.

And also, should you come across this blog and live in Florida, please visit the PetSmart at 7777 Dr M.L.K. Jr St N, St. Petersburg, FL 33702 to adopt some kitties from Rescue Pets of Florida. They are very well taken care of and the volunteers who run it are so very dedicated to getting these guys good homes. Just don’t take Boo, please…


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