Facing facts. The cats run this house.

THEY decide the wake-up time.

THEY decide when it’s time to eat.

THEY decide when they want to sit on your lap.

THEY decide when you’ve been on the computer too long and alert you by sitting on your keyboard.

THEY don’t clean up their waste. The humans do it for them.

THEY allow you to pet them, but only until they’ve had enough, at which time they will make it clear by biting your hand.

THEY decide you need to rewash your clean laundry because it’s a perfect bed for them to shed on.

And Taco obviously fully embraces his king status, as evidenced by this picture.

King Shit.

King Shit.


  1. christine

    But you couldn’t pick a more handsome king, right? Plus the howling at 5am is really just a love note, because they can’t wait to see your smiling face. At least that’s what I tell myself. 😉

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