I don’t miss my cats.

Does that make me a bad person?

The boyfriend and I are on a mini-vacay/10th anniversary celebration (it really bothers me that 10 years of monogamy would be thrown out if we got married. I find that concept so unfair). We’re in the Keys. The Florida Keys. Are there any other Keys? I’m so snobbish about my Floridian-ness.

I hate most of my body, but my arms never fail me in the skinny realm.

I hate most of my body, but my arms never fail me in the skinny realm.

Anyway, it’s just 2 nights, and a lot of driving, but it IS beautiful down here, and although the room is small, it’s lovely and the bed is as comfy as our own ridiculously priced iComfort. Strangely, even though we own a king (specifically because I am NOT a sound sleeper and we’re definitely not cuddlers), this bed seems bigger.

Maybe it’s because it’s not ours, maybe it’s because (disturbingly) we don’t have our body pillows to throw our legs over, but I think it’s because there’s no cats. NO CATS.

I woke up at nine. NINE! Actually, I woke up initially at 7:43 but I was able to go back to sleep, and it was glorious. Why? NO CATS.

God, I love my little fluffballs, and granted, I SHOULD have been able to sleep in since we woke up at 4am to drive down here (technically we woke up at 4:40, this is because I set my alarm to 4pm by accident), but it was so nice to DECIDE when I wanted to wake up. This is seriously a luxury for me because I was the kid at slumber parties that woke up hours before everyone else and laid there wishing I could go back to sleep. I’m not a good sleeper.

This is not to say I don’t TOTALLY miss my kitties. We stopped by a famous marina (Bud N Mary’s, if you ever end up in Islamorada) to see the tarpon. These giant fish swarm the dock, it’s really quite amazing.



I’m sure you can guess that as a vegan, I’m not much of a fisherman, but I do enjoy the accoutrements that go along with fishing, like boats and open water. Anyway, we watched the fish for a bit and then… there was a kitten. It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. So tiny. Lives at the marina, apparently. Has a collar and everything. To my dismay, lil kitten wanted nothing to do with me, and walked over to Momma, who was so passed out she wouldn’t even move. I don’t blame her. It’s hot as hell here in a tiny bathing suit, let alone a fur coat. Then…one of the employees came out to feed the baby. WITH THE FOOD FROM THE DOLLAR STORE THAT I MADE FUN OF A FEW POSTS AGO.

This is just weird. It looks like the cat is trying to escape the bag.

This is just weird. It looks like the cat is trying to escape the bag.

I almost vomited. I mean, dollar store food is, I’m sure, better than nothing, but really? UGH. Poor kitten. I wanted to steal him. Just can’t get away from my cat love, I ‘spose.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    Fan-furry-tastic! Kittens, boats, vaca-stay’s, you are living the dream. Happy Anniversary! I love being on the water. We miss that about our move. It was great to come home from work and beetle off for a boat ride on a warm night. I’m the last person to like anything about my body, so I understand where that comes from, but really you’ll look back and say, “hey, look how young we looked, we looked great there”…honest. I’m laughing like mad over that cat food bag because you nailed it!

    Until our last holiday, I was convinced I was an insomniac. A self diagnosed night owl. Up late then up early too. Like you, while on holidays I was getting these crazy good sleeps and I realized it’s just those morning wake up calls at 5:30am with Blossum putting a paw or claw in my eye. One morning I covered my head with the extra pillow and sweated like a dog. I woke up with THE worst bed head ever. LOL BTW, thanks for visiting my Pinterest. I haven’t had time to get back to yours but the night is young. HAVE FUN!

    • MEOWhearthis

      Well we didn’t actually go out on a boat…fishing charters are ridiculously expensive and so are jetskis, for that matter. We were content with just looking at the boats and pretending. Well, not CONTENT, per se, but realistic about the cost vs. payoff.

      Cats are nature’s alarm clock. They have such interesting ways of waking, too. Always getting creative.

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