Bad kitty mommy again.

This picture of Moosh in a kitty bed on the human bed does not relate to my story at all. Just felt like throwing it in here.

I have been a bad kitty mommy this week. I’ve been so busy and cranky and having to deal with a bazillion things that I didn’t notice the litter box was at capacity. The other night, Taco loudly made his displeasure known. When I realized the cause of his discontent, I went over to deal with it. But the Litter Genie was full, so that took some extra time to re-set.
I noticed Taco had stopped meowing. Why? Because he was peeing on the couch. Yes, we have puppy pads there for this very reason, but he TRIED to hold it. From the sheer volume of pee there, I assume he’d been holding it for quite awhile. Those puppy pads kinda suck, too, his paws were wet — so I panicked and did what everyone (I think everyone, anyway) would do…I marched him to the bathroom to attempt a paw washing in the sink. This did not go over well. I got a couple of vague rinses in and gave up, tried to dry them off with toilet paper and promptly locked him in the bathroom for what I thought would be an appropriate amount of time for him to clean himself up and not get cat pee smell everywhere. As I did that, he meowed weirdly, in a way that sent me into yet another panic that I had hurt in somehow in the sink struggle.


I think he was just traumatized, because he seems to be fine now.


It’s been awhile since he peed on the couch, but it’s just as frustrating and even more so because I could have prevented it. I mean, living your life with a shower curtain and puppy pads on your couch is hardly a way to live…and I didn’t need to make matters worse. Of course, it pissed off the boyfriend too (who yes, could have cleaned the litter box as well) which I do understand…after all, he did buy the couches and all. But he’s a cat (Taco, not the boyfriend), and it’s mostly my fault anyway.


This week has just been unpleasant overall. But this always raises my spirits:


  1. rouschel

    Your cats actually sleep in their kitty beds? I am so jealous. My cat just sneers at hers. As for the litter thing, it happens to the best of us. This whole kitty thing is a great training module for babies 🙂

    • MEOWhearthis

      Oh my goodness, no. There have been a few rare moments, as the one captured in the picture, but otherwise it might as well be filled with poison.

      I am glad I’m not the only one. I just feel especially bad about it with Taco already having bladder problems…although to be fair to myself, he had TWO other boxes he could have used…

      • rouschel

        It’s not your fault then, hon. It sounds like that box has special meaning for the both of them and that’s why they like to use it maybe?
        It is odd that the two cats actually share the one box and disregard the others, they must be very close 🙂
        I’ve thought about getting another cat to keep Shadow company, but I think she would just tear them apart 😦

      • MEOWhearthis

        You know, it’s weird. I only added the box in question in an attempt to discourage Taco from using the couch, since the other two boxes are upstairs. Moosh uses his normal box quite a bit, but Taco almost exclusively uses the downstairs one, and I think when Moosh does he’s just too lazy to go upstairs (I completely understand, I am so very grateful for the downstairs human bathroom).

        My boys are totally not close. They pretty much ignore each other except to fight. Taco is the alpha and Moosh just doesn’t care. I was scared to get a 2nd cat with Moosh for a long time because I always felt I did such a horrible job melding the two that still live with my mom. I keep meaning to write a post about how they should have kitty matching services, where someone comes with an array of adoptables to see which one clicks with yours! I will say that it’s easier if you designate kitty-love duties to your significant other so neither the new or old feels left out while adjusting. That seemed to work for us. There’s a lot of evidence that cats are happiest in pairs rather than alone, even if it seems like they hate each other (I did a lot of research to present my “we need another cat” argument).

      • rouschel

        That is a great idea. I would love to have another cat to keep Shadow company, but I think it will have to wait until we have a bigger place nonetheless. Where we are at now is really only big enough for one, let alone the three of us :/

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