I don’t suppose I can blame the cats for pinkeye.

Fun with pinkeye

Day 2 of interesting week. Woke up with crusty eye. Made the incredibly smart decision to not put contacts in. My eye didn’t ITCH, though. I vaguely remember having pinkeye when I was younger but I thought I remembered it being horribly itchy. Anyway. My boss requested that I not wait to go to the eye doc in case it was pinkeye, which I honestly did not consider as a more than 30% chance until my eye doc declared that I did, in fact, have pinkeye. I don’t have kids! I’m not around kids! There are no grubby little fingers around me to spread schoolchild germs. But alas, I have contracted it.


I thought I had a scratch, and THAT I could blame on the cats, since Moosh sometimes sleeps on my head and I’m constantly pulling pieces of fur out of my eyes.

But I can’t. So now I’m banished home, where I can’t infect my co-workers. I had to disinfect everything for the boyfriend, but he washes his hands every 5 minutes and never touches his eyes anyway. And I’m stuck with whiny Taco, who I think ate the frog (or at least something he wasn’t supposed to) because he had green poop. Green poop that he tracked into the kitchen. Bad enough that I have to disinfect my own filthy germs, I have to take care of Taco’s ill-fated meal.


Hopefully the antibiotics start working super fast and I’ll be symptom-free enough to go to work tomorrow. It’s not that I don’t like a day off, but I like it on my terms. Sitting home with the kitties and my new toys is ok, but not as enjoyable with a burning eyeball. Eh.


I’m kind of looking forward to see what new, interesting thing happens tomorrow! I hope it’s good.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    If your pillow looks like my pillow, it’s no wonder. I wake up every morning with Blossum sitting on my pillow looking down at me. I almost think she’d lift my eyelid if she had thumbs. Needless to say, I change my pillowcase a couple of times a week. She probably goes to do her morning litterbox visit just before coming to sit on my pillow, yahhhh! What can you do?

    • MEOWhearthis

      Oh, mine always wait to do it the second before I feed them, so I can enjoy the stench while preparing their food and then mine for the day! Maybe I CAN blame this on them after all!

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