You learn a lot about people by their search terms.

WordPress has some lovely features regarding tracking the statistics of who’s reading your blog. Of course it’s rather egotistical of me to enjoy seeing how many people are reading my blog, but that’s ok with me. Although I do this because I enjoy it, I’m not the kind of writer who writes just to write. I want to be loved. Adored. Given accolades.

Part of the tracking includes what search terms users entered to arrive at one’s page. It’s highly interesting.

For instance, “super troopers” is the #1 search term used (I wrote a post about the “meow” game in the movie, it’s a cinematic masterpiece). Interesting mostly because this is a blog about cats, and I get the most hits from a (hilariously amazing) movie about blundering state troopers battling corrupt cops transporting pot with only one tiny scene involving the word “meow” which technically doesn’t even mention the word “cat.” This probably means my SEO skills need work (I’m working on it). Case in point, the second highest search term is “super troopers meow.” At least I know the people visiting my page have excellent taste in humor.

#3: meow puns. NOW we’re talking. In case you didn’t notice the name of my blog, it’s a pun. Punny!

Moosh prefers to read his news in print rather than over the interwebz.

Moosh prefers to read his news in print rather than over the interwebz.

Then there’s a bunch of variations of the above, plus a bunch of other cat-related things.

Now, I’m sure if someone looks into MY search term history, it would also be interesting. I like random things and I like looking them up. You never know what combination of words is going to get you to the destination you desire. But looking at the list of terms used by others, I feel fairly normal.

One person, obviously someone after my own heart, typed in “i dont wanna taco bout it im not kitten right now.” Love it. Don’t know what they expected to find with that. I should search that myself.

“which black panther like house cat hisses like a snake and meows like a child?” – God, I REALLY need to search these things myself. That’s gonna have to be my next in-depth blog.

“meow twitter fantasy football” – it’s entirely possible that I used that same search term trying to think of funny names for my fantasy football teams.

There’s a bazillion more interesting terms, but this is enough for today. If you’re reading this and you’re also a blogger who looks at their search term summary, please feel free to share YOUR oddest ones. I would love to hear them.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    Wow, yours are so much more interesting, LOL. I had actually never looked in there. Most of mine look pretty normal :o/ except this one “old grandmothers that are never too old for nudism” I wonder who was looking up that? Was it a old guy trolling for a new girlfriend or a mature woman looking for a vacation destination? I guess I’ll never know. They would have been dropped into a post I wrote about “why was I topless in all my childhood photos” and therefore disappointed..LOl

    • MEOWhearthis

      Haha maybe some older woman just wanted to see if it was weird to let her freak flag fly! I thought that post was a good read, it may not have been what that person was looking for but I’m sure they enjoyed it nonetheless! Maybe you should start throwing random words in your posts to see if you can amass more weird hits. I might try that…

  2. Oldcat

    I used to get hits for “dragon man and rat woman love connection” a lot. Gus is the #1 image for “shaved tuxedo cat”. “Fear of Popcorn” is well up the list.

    • MEOWhearthis

      Wow! I’m not sure whether I would like to meet the person behind the dragon search out of curiosity or run far, far away. I like the “shaved tuxedo cat” one…I assume that you’ve shaved Gus? How did that go over?

      • Oldcat

        I didn’t try checking the search myself to see what they were looking for either.

        He’s been shaved twice, both at the vets. Basically he’s had trouble keeping up with mats as he has gotten older.

        It was a lion cut, but with the tail left alone instead of leaving just a tuft. The first time the groomer grumbled that he snapped at him. My thought was ‘duh, If it were easy to trim him I wouldn’t be paying you about twice market rates to do it’. The second time was when he was in for a dental and out anyway. I wanted to do it another time but they took too long to do the dental to fit it in. Then I bought clippers of my own and just cut him to ‘short hair length’ on his back half which worked pretty well but now he has grown out and is matting again.

        He hates the process a lot, and is a pretty nervous cat. After it is over, he has no real problem with the close cut and it is something of a relief to be done with it. I have been cutting Calla short every year or so, but not naked, for similar reasons. She’s not as bad as Gus so I can take her to a normal groomer and clip it to a short length all over. She looks like a wooly sheep for a while after that.

      • MEOWhearthis

        Mine hate even being BRUSHED so it’s difficult to de-fur them much…Fatty, who lives with my mom, he’s a medium-length, and in his fat, advanced age is not so great at the cleaning. Perhaps a groomer is in order…I’ll just check his or her recommendations first!

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