This is what a Crazy Cat Lady’s workspace looks like.

I admit it. I decorate with cat. I don’t mean to. A leftover halloween decoration here, a funny kitty card there…it just happens.

Let’s start with the calendar.

Standard kitty calendar. Ok. Moving on.

Kitty knick knacks

One of my shelves. Yes, I know you’re probably looking at the FABULOUS captain’s hat first, but focus. Weird grinning cat my mom gave me, a black cat from halloween my mother also gave me, and a Toy Robot cat my friend and fellow crazy cat lady Yvonne gave me.

Cat on the phone. So silly.

Next up. My bulletin board. Here we have a funny cat postcard.  Next to that, a picture of Fatty and Little, and then a picture of my dearly beloved Jager who is no longer with us. I don’t have Taco and Moosh pics up, I see them enough. Look closely and you’ll see some George Michael buttons. And a Rays schedule. Yay Rays!

Ignore the easter bunny. Does not apply.

A view from the outside. I have thoughtfully placed arrows next to the cats. My lone lolcat is very reflective of my job, i.e. proofreading.

And finally, the piece de resistance. My crazy cat lady. Life imitates art.

Marvel at her glory!

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