Cats and frogs and lizards, oh my.

What’s more annoying than Taco’s meow?

This cat is so loud.

Frogs. Well, actually, toads, I think. I think we have frogs, too (I found one on my beach chair when I went to lay out one day — while I was laying on the beach chair — it was the same color green), but the toads are the uglier and stupider of the two.

Here in Florida, the amphibians loudly enjoy a good rainstorm. And if you know Florida, you know we do storms right. It’s rained quite a bit in the past week. When you walk outside, all you hear is “GGRRREEAAAAKKKK GREEEEAAAAAAAK” — it’s really annoying.

But more annoying than the noise is the fact that they will jump into my house unnoticed when the door is opened for a second.

What’s more exciting than chasing a not-alive real-fur mousie?

Taken a split second before he batted it.

A living, breathing, jumping baby frog.

Sometimes I’ll catch the little idiots in time and scoot them out the door. Some aren’t so lucky to escape the “master hunters.” But I will not know about the not-so-lucky ones until I step on a half-corpsified dead one. Or half of one. Because this is the only other state that I find them in other than fully alive and cornered. I don’t know what the little carnivores do with them until they reach this state, but it is out of my eyesight. Kitty embalming? Who the hell knows.

I suppose I should be grateful. Fatty, in his younger and skinnier days, used to catch lizards, play with them awhile, and just as they were hard and corpse-y — place them thoughtfully in my bed as a present. THANKS. JUST WHAT I ALWAYS WANTED.

But really, stepping on a dead frog (toad, whatever) isn’t much better. This year’s croaking just started, so I have yet to have this honor. But I know it’s coming.


(If you’re wondering what happened to the blog challenge, the word of the day is “mushroom” and I DESPISE mushrooms, so I couldn’t figure out how to fit it in. Oh, I just did. Go me!)


  1. theh2obaby

    Ooo, beware the Bufo toads. They ‘sweat’ poison. Being a FLA girl, you probably know them. As a vet nurse, we usually saw dogs who had gotten one (best 1st aid is a blast in the mouth w a garden hose; cats must know this & are smart enough to leave the toxic ones alone.)

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