The danger of Netflix.

I try not to watch a lot of TV. TV usually doesn’t capture my attention enough, and I always feel like I should be doing other things while watching it. Because of that, I don’t get into that many shows enough to keep watching them, or rather DVR them and watch them when I have time, which granted, isn’t that often. Summer always brings a bit of sadness, since it means my fave primetime shows aren’t on. Which really, all I can think of is Grey’s Anatomy at the moment. All I have now are Dance Moms, So You Think You Can Dance and Deadliest Catch are on my current watch list. While I enjoy all of these, there’s always a tinge of shame that comes with watching reality TV. I justify this by the fact that dancing is really an art form (one that you can’t fake and that takes incredibly hard work to be good at) and that crab fishing is the deadliest job in the world and therefore watching the show is a form of respect for hard working fishermen.

Where the true danger lies is in Netflix. Where you can watch all the shows that everyone talks about but  you’ve never watched because they’re too far along before you’ve heard about them so think it’s not worth starting are available from the beginning.

And guess what happens then.

You spend your whole weekend pushing the cats aside and pushing back chores while you say “ok, just one more episode.”

Thanks, Breaking Bad. I accomplished nothing. And we’re only at the beginning of the 3rd season.

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