As you all may know, today was the first day you could pre-order the new iPhone 5. I currently have the 4 (not 4S, pre-Siri) and it’s about time for an upgrade. Why? It just is. Because I’m an adult and I can. So despite the fact that I ordered it before most people are awake, I missed the first boat and will have to wait 2 weeks instead of just one to receive it. Apparently they sold out in an hour. I would have had to be up at 3. Too early for me. I COULD wait in line at the store, but I’m not THAT crazy. I don’t like people and I don’t like waiting. Sounds horrible.


So as I sit here in between jobs (I would normally be at the gym but my leg is incredibly sore, I think I pulled something as usual), I have Taco on my lap purring, and it occurs to me that I could have bought my boys a very nice cat tree with the money I just spent on a cell phone. I barely even use it as a phone. Everything else, yes.


Moosh Moosh needs his shots, too, which is about the price of the phone, that I will be putting off, since I just bought a phone that is better but not incredibly different than the one I currently have (except it’s bigger, thinner, the front facing camera is 720p now, that’s a big deal, if you’ve ever used the front facing camera on the iPhone you will know that there is NO flattering angle even remotely possible).

This is actually a vaguely flattering picture but it’s so freaking grainy.


Beyond the cats, I could have used the money to buy a laptop, which I actually NEED, or rather, I NEED in order to do work while watching football instead of being chained to the desk away from TVs. Which in itself makes me a bad kitty mom to WANT to do that because Taco only sits on my lap when I’m sitting at the computer (like right now – he’s so purry and cute!). He’ll probably feel so alone if I have a computer on my lap instead. He’ll be heartbroken and run away. Moosh will be fine, I suppose, he likes my shoulders better anyway.


But yeah. I’m an iWhore. We all have our vices. Don’t judge.



  1. christine

    If they’re anything like ours, you can spend $200 on the kitty tree and they’ll climb on the dresser, the sofa, the counter. Anything but the shiny new cat tree. So the phone is probably a safer bet. At you know it’ll get used.

    • MEOWhearthis

      Moosh likes to climb, so I’m sure he’d love it. Taco would love chasing Moosh, so there’s that…But still. I really hate all the ones in my price range anyway…who decided BEIGE was the standard cat color? I mean, come on. Crazy cats ladies don’t wear BEIGE.

      And yeah. The phone will indeed get used. Perhaps too much. But I’m keeping up with the times, even at the ripe old age of 30.

  2. Boomdeeadda

    Awwwww, I love when they sleep all smunched up. Petals doesn’t care if I have the laptop on my lap….she just climbs aboard and walk’s all over everything. So if you ever get a crazy comment from me….it’s actually miss Petals.

      • MEOWhearthis

        But I work two jobs to afford this luxury…I earn the right to say “simply because I wanted it.” Capitalism isn’t a sin. I’m not defending big corporations, greed often leads to dishonesty and cheating practices, but hard work is hard work and deserves reward.

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