What will happen to the bunnies????

I live in a townhouse. Behind my townhouse is a “yard,” then some trees and foliage, and then what USED to be some sort of overgrown field. I’m not sure what was back there, I never ventured that far. I almost did one time when we thought Taco had gotten out (he was inside the couch) but nothing bad really ever seemed to come from back there either so I didn’t really pay it any mind. There are bunnies who come out and eat the grass and amuse the kitties by ignoring them completely. I had imagined they lived in the growth back behind the trees.

But this week, some big machine razed everything back there. I enjoyed the privacy that having NOTHING behind our house afforded, and the quiet. I don’t know what they’re going to do back there. But more importantly, I wonder what will happen to the bunnies?

Sorry for the flash, my phone was being uncooperative.

I love Florida. I was born here. I grew up here. I inherited my mom’s passion for the nature here. So maybe that’s kinda hippie of me. I once watched my normally mild-mannered mother get out of her car and yell at people cutting down mangroves (it’s illegal, they protect against erosion).

So pardon me if I get annoyed every time one more patch of nature goes to shit. Florida isn’t that big, and there’s not that much left that’s not paved over. Even the beaches we’re so envied for, those aren’t real. They truck in the sand. Real Florida beaches are kind of like dirt sand. It’s still nice, it’s just not real. Palm trees are not native here. We have Palmettos (and hence Palmetto bugs, aka roaches, aka Florida’s state bird).

I fall in love with Florida all over again every time I drive over this bridge.

Can’t help taking pics on the bridge.

I get so pissed when there’s a commotion about an alligator venturing into someone’s house. Oh, golly gee, how dare he? Alligators are protected unless they’re “nuisances” and then they have to kill them. How is walking around in your natural habitat a nuisance? He doesn’t understand why the hell someone put a house there.

And the most heartbreaking. The Florida Panthers. They are incredibly beautiful animals. There’s so few of them left. Why? Because they keep trying to cross roads and get hit by cars. Because they keep putting *&$#*(#ing roads everywhere.

I don’t like my generation. I’m terrified of the generation after mine. I think we’re all a bunch of selfish a-holes who are ruining everything. So what if we didn’t make the hole in the Ozone? We know better now. If you’re reading this, I’m probably not talking to you, because it’s people who don’t read that scare me the most.

Aaaaand that’s my rant for the day.


  1. Married to Baseball

    FL is full of invasive species, like melaleuca that was brought here by the *geniuses* who wanted to dry the Everglades up and turn it into farmland (and other dumb reasons that make me fume!). The trees suck up water like nobodys business and will kill off all surrounding plantlife. So sometimes they have to clear off entire natural areas to get rid of the invasive species. It sucks but as long as they aren’t building more useless stuff where the green space was, it makes it a little easier to swallow. Love your blog by the way!

  2. Phil Lanoue

    I’m in the coastal SC area and feel the same way about the intrusion on nature.
    As a wildlife photographer who specializes in alligators I really appreciate your concern about them.
    But the same attitude toward nature existed when I lived in the northeast US.
    Developers would put in huge McMansions out in what used to be farm and pasture land and the new residents would be shocked to learn that there are deer and bears in *their* neighborhood. Their response was normally to want all the animals killed because we can’t have deer eating all their expensive landscaping, and God forbid a bear should wander into their backyard. 😯

      • Phil Lanoue

        Why alligators? Because they are here.
        Seriously I find them to be fascinating.
        Check out my photo blog if you get a minute. Many recent gator posts including today.

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