Cold, flu, whatever it is, I hate it.

Since the cats are now fine, apparently it’s my turn to be sick again. Pinkeye wasn’t enough. I woke up this morning with a screaming sore throat. I even went into work until I realized that I felt so horrible all over that I wasn’t going to be even remotely useful. I never take sick days. But I’m glad I came home because this just keeps getting worse. I feel like death.


I’m not ACTUALLY dying, but I get extra whiny when I’m sick. There’s not much I can do about it except feel blechy all over. And cough. Cats are hiding. Which is fine, because I’m alternately too hot and too cold so I’m a pretty fidgety sleep companion. I wish I could sleep. I’m so tired. But I feel too icky to sleep.

Taco did venture up to plop down on my hip for a bit. I think he’s under the bed now.

The boyfriend is bringing me typical drugstore remedies when he gets off of work. I took some Olive Leaf extract. That’s supposed to help boost my immune system. Maybe it really works, maybe it doesn’t…at this point I’ll try anything. I surfed Pinterest to find flu remedies but they all require things I would have to go somewhere to purchase, and frankly, getting out of the bed takes about all the effort I have. And while the boyfriend is fine with going to Walgreens or whatever I doubt he’ll want to go rooting through the health food store for random herbs. I do love Pinterest things, though, I now have the most fabulous bathroom cleaner. But the flu remedies look far too complicated.


On the plus side, I haven’t smoked all day and I probably won’t. Maybe this would be a good time to quit. Might as well while my defenses are already down.


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