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I love analogies.

So far, I’m enjoying my first day of mini vacation, although the boyfriend woke me up at 6:30 to tell me I was supposed to be at work, then remembered that I was off and apologized, but I was only half asleep at that point anyway, since I had to pee and Moosh, the good son, has an incredibly astute sense of when Mommy has to pee so he purposefully (I swear, he only does it when I have to pee) steps on my bladder. I slept in till 7. This is ok, it’s better than 5:30, and to boot, I didn’t have to get dressed. I’ve been lounging around reading all morning (I turned on the TV for a bit but all the morning shows have crap about the Pope and as a recovering Catholic, NOT INTERESTED) except for some playtime with the kitties and coughing fits.

Not this lazy when it's FOOD TIME! Lil jerk.

Not this lazy when it’s FOOD TIME! Lil jerk.

This sickness has a give and take relationship. Sure, the first few days I felt too icky to do anything, but “anything” included eating so it’s not as if I needed to work out. Now I’ve graduated to having my appetite back but I can’t really taste anything so as long as its warm, I’ll eat it, so I’m going with healthy options. Why waste tasty food on the tasteless? I vaguely considered working out this morning but I am afraid that the other gym-goers will rise up and kick my coughing ass out of there, even if I point out to them that I cover my mouth and that I’m not really sick anymore, it’s just the remnants working their mucus-y way out. However, I realized this morning that my abs are REALLY FREAKING SORE. I mean, “I took 5 pilates classes in a row” sore. This leads me to assume that I am burning MASSIVE amounts of calories coughing, and I might even get a 6-pack out of the deal! Now I’m thinking being sick isn’t SO bad. I’m not an eternal optimist, but I am a hopeful realist, so really, looking at the bright sides of crappy situations is just like a contingency plan.

As for the title of this post, I had an epiphany this morning, after a particularly productive coughing session. I felt like I’d accomplished something. I felt a little lighter. A little freer. And then I realized: THAT is how the kitties feel after the litter box. THAT is why they do the poop run. I would have done a lugie (is that how you spell it? Is that even a real word?) run except I thought that would make me cough more and therefore ruin the effects of the mucus expunging.

I can relate anything to anyone with an analogy. I love them.

Using my death bed productively.

Taco doesn't care about my plight. One day of kitty snuggles with ol' Sicko was enough for him. He's busy with his new CAT TREE friend. Hmph.

Taco doesn’t care about my plight. One day of kitty snuggles with ol’ Sicko was enough for him. He’s busy with his new CAT TREE friend. Hmph.

I’m still sick. I love how optimistic I always am at the beginning of getting sick, as though THIS TIME is gonna be the time that I’m gonna whoop this sucker and get it out of my system in 24 hours. What, yours hung on and became pneumonia? Not gonna be a problem for me, because I’M KICKIN’ SICK’S ASS RIGHT NOW! And then the next day you wake up, test things out, snot starts flowing again, and you lose a little more hope. Usually I only feel like total crap for 2 days on a cold and then the rest is just getting out mucus in various ways, a la coughing fits, neti potting and nose blowing. I’m on day 4 and am now just beginning to feel like I’m in control of my brain again. Does your brain shut your brain down to conserve energy to fight germs? Seems efficient. Although not helpful at work.

To make matters better, this was also the week that I picked as my first vacation of the year at Big Brown, and decided to take a few days off the real job as well. Because…IT’S MY BIRTHDAY WEEK! I know that some people don’t think birthdays are all that important or exciting but I grew up as an only child so my understanding of it is that it is MY DAY so everyone in the land should celebrate ME! I may be turning 31, but in my head, I’m still a bratty child. I wish my newly beginning wrinkles thought that. So today was my Friday, which I can’t really enjoy because drinking a) dehydrates, and I need to keep my mucus watery and b) isn’t all that good for your immune system. I’d rather get over this crap now than prolong it because I have some half-assed desire to celebrate a fake Friday.

To further destroy my ego, the weather, which has been borderline hot, is about to swiftly swoop to much lower lows (and lower highs) than I care for. And that, of course, ruins any silly dream I may have had of birthday beach days. This is why I could never have pool parties when I was a kid. My birthday weather was always “too unpredictable.” Bah to that. Anyway, that will activate my allergies, and in turn make the snot flow even more (if that’s humanly possible).

Since I’m not doing anything fun, I decided to read. Yesterday I really needed light reading, so I read some chick lit, which turned out to be teen books, but I enjoyed anyway. Today, since my brain is a little less foggy, I’m turning to non-fiction. I decided to finally read ALL the books in my house that are about cats that I’ve been meaning to read.

I think I already know the answer to the genius one...

I think I already know the answer to the genius one…

Turns out I have only 3. I really thought I had more than that. So imma get down to business. Perhaps I’ll let you in on my knowledge tomorrow, since I am free from working duties for the next 5 days, albeit limited in the “fun activities” department. I have a to-do list, though…

More cat tree fun…and more snot.

Well, I feel slightly less icky today. I would be happy about that, but the sickness has moved into the “never ending snot faucet” stage. Usually the good cold meds work — you know, the kind of you have sign for at the pharmacy so you can’t buy enough to make meth. You can’t even buy it if you’re a canadian on vacay here. I only know this because I overheard a poor, sick Canadian who really wanted the good stuff but needed a US ID to do so…that’s kinda BS. Does Canada even have a meth problem? Seems like they’re less trashy up there. Anyway, it’s not working for me.

Taco was an excellent snuggler and bedmate yesterday. Easing the sick with cute!

Taco was an excellent snuggler and bedmate yesterday. Easing the sick with cute!

But I am, nevertheless, enjoying watching the kitties play on the new cat tree. They’re not quite as addicted to it as I’d hoped they’d by, but at the moment Taco is, in fact, sleeping on the 4th level. Success.

Enjoy my enjoyment.

Lazily stretching for the catnip banana.

Lazily stretching for the catnip banana.


The boys enjoying the lower levels. Much to my dismay, though, neither has utilized the bottom level's sisal. Hmph.

The boys enjoying the lower levels. Much to my dismay, though, neither has utilized the bottom level’s sisal. Hmph.

Action shot.

Action shot.

Cold, flu, whatever it is, I hate it.

Since the cats are now fine, apparently it’s my turn to be sick again. Pinkeye wasn’t enough. I woke up this morning with a screaming sore throat. I even went into work until I realized that I felt so horrible all over that I wasn’t going to be even remotely useful. I never take sick days. But I’m glad I came home because this just keeps getting worse. I feel like death.


I’m not ACTUALLY dying, but I get extra whiny when I’m sick. There’s not much I can do about it except feel blechy all over. And cough. Cats are hiding. Which is fine, because I’m alternately too hot and too cold so I’m a pretty fidgety sleep companion. I wish I could sleep. I’m so tired. But I feel too icky to sleep.

Taco did venture up to plop down on my hip for a bit. I think he’s under the bed now.

The boyfriend is bringing me typical drugstore remedies when he gets off of work. I took some Olive Leaf extract. That’s supposed to help boost my immune system. Maybe it really works, maybe it doesn’t…at this point I’ll try anything. I surfed Pinterest to find flu remedies but they all require things I would have to go somewhere to purchase, and frankly, getting out of the bed takes about all the effort I have. And while the boyfriend is fine with going to Walgreens or whatever I doubt he’ll want to go rooting through the health food store for random herbs. I do love Pinterest things, though, I now have the most fabulous bathroom cleaner. But the flu remedies look far too complicated.


On the plus side, I haven’t smoked all day and I probably won’t. Maybe this would be a good time to quit. Might as well while my defenses are already down.