Never a dull day…

Cats really make life interesting.


I mean, who knows how bored I would be without them? For example: Tuesday, I had a few minutes to sit on my ass in between work and the gym and more work. Taco was such a dear that he vomited food all over our comforter again! Stripping the bed and tossing it all in the wash (after removing the food particles, of course) was such a PERFECT alternative! Because I have a lot of time to do laundry several times over.

You’re welcome for the clean bed to sleep on.

I suppose it was better that I saw it rather than the boyfriend NOT see it and lay in it (it was all on his side of the bed), but cleaning up kitty puke is never my favorite chore. My mom’s cats (also my cats) puke on her bed all the time. Now I understand how she feels.


I’m starting to think that perhaps I should just cover every surface in plastic like an old lady. I mean, the couches are already covered in puppy pads and our mattress has a waterproof case on it (we bought a new, very uncheap new mattress not that long ago and decided for that sort of investment we should guard against possible Taco pee, even though he’s never done it there. So far, though, it’s only been tested by me falling asleep holding a beer. It worked. Phew.) so we might as well just take the extra step to encase it all. Shrink wrap?

Can you spot what’s wrong with this picture?


I love my boys and all, but don’t they know that I don’t get paid for cleaning up after them?


  1. Boomdeeadda

    It’s disheartening when you can’t figure out why they’re getting sick. Petals was sick this morning to for the first time in a long time. I’ve started to wash their food dishes and water dishes every morning. I think that is helping but there’s still the odd time. I’m actually thinking of buying new dishes. The ones they have were ‘made in China’ and I’m beginning to wonder if there’s lead in the paint or something. ?? Blossum doesn’t seem affected but maybe Petals is more sensitive. Well see what happens, might be as easy as that.

    • MEOWhearthis

      Taco seems to have a rather fussy tummy…we did take him to the vet for it once, and she prescribed pepcid AC. Just a quarter of a tablet, and it seems to work. I’ve also found that a certain brand of natural food I was mixing in with the prescription makes him puke more. I also bought a “food island” that is like a series of tubes that you put the food in so that they have to work to get the food…good for Taco, who normally swallows food whole and for Moosh who likes to play with his food! The vet said some kitties just have more sensitive tummies…figures it would be “I’ll eat everything that’s not nailed down” Taco.

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