What will YOU do with your tax refund?

For many, tax time means paying money. For me, it means a fat refund. See, I know that it’s just giving the tax man interest-free monies, but I suck at saving, so really, that money is in far better hands, interest or not. A few years ago I got screwed (they changed the tax laws, as usual, and those of us with two jobs who were unprepared for it got surprised) so now I take out extra every week to avoid such unpleasantries in the future. So I’m getting a refund. Most of this refund will go in the bank, but this year, I think I’m going to splurge on the kitties.

I’m finally buying a cat tree.

It’s a little expensive, but I never did get around to building the one I threatened to (see my post about it here) and I found one I like that’s not in the thousands of dollars.

Does that cat have 6 toes??? I love Hemingway cats!

Does that cat have 6 toes??? I love Hemingway cats!

It's got sisal in the bottom nook and a pad on one part.

It’s got sisal in the bottom nook and a pad on one part.

This is the Sebastian something-or-other. It’s not that much more expensive than the traditional trees of this size (I use the term “tree” loosely here) and it fits with my modern Ikea look. I’m excited. I already filed my taxes even though the IRS doesn’t start processing them until the 30th.

I showed the boyfriend last night. His response was the “dismissive head nod/half eyeroll/smirk.” This pissed me off. For someone who is always complaining that the cats take over the house, I thought that he would LOVE that I’m taking his feelings into consideration and buying something that looks more like furniture than a tacky carpet tower. I had already had a few adult beverages at this point (it was Friday. I had a long week.) and so of course, I felt compelled to respond with something like “way to be passive aggressive,” he said “don’t the cats already have enough shit” and then I stomped outside. By the time I finished my smoke, I’d already decided to leave it be and continue on with my plans. My best friend once told me the best way to get things done around the house is to just do them and then act as if whatever you did has always been like that. It works. To my surprise, the boyfriend APOLOGIZED for not being more excited about it, and told me that he just didn’t want to see me waste more money on crap the cats will ignore. I was very touched by this. A significant other recognizing FEELINGS! Even after almost ten years. I almost cried (seriously, but I’m also PMSing, so I think hormones had a little to do with the threat of tears).

Even if the cats ignore it (which I doubt, Moosh’s new spot is on top of the bookcase attached to my desk, on top of a scanner he probably shouldn’t be sitting on – Moosh is a serious tree dweller), it’s still useful as furniture, and for about the same price as a bookcase from Ikea. So really, what do I have to lose? My Mooshie gets to climb something he’s actually allowed to, and Taco, well, Taco’s favorite sleeping spot is anywhere that I wanted to sit. His other favorite spot is in my face, and I don’t think there’s a cat toy in the world that can replace that. He’s just annoying.

Am I crazy?

Moosh on my desk. In my face. As I'm writing this.

Moosh on my desk. In my face. As I’m writing this.


  1. Oldcat

    I’ve seen that one. I’d wonder if they would scratch the surface jumping around on it, but you can use placemats and such to cover that. I suspect the vase is showing a bit too much confidence in the cats.

    Most cats like hard/cool places to sleep and softer ones. This gives the former, and you can add beds/mats for the latter easily enough.

    If your cat likes to scratch vertically, there’s not much in there for him claw wise, but you can get a stand-alone post for that.

    My in-your-face cat got a lot better when I added a special bed on the desk and end-table in sight and reach. Perhaps that would help with Mooch.

    • MEOWhearthis

      Oh yeah there is NO way I would put a vase on there! Or anything remotely decoration-esque.

      Moosh likes to stretch vertically, but not so much scratch, so I think he’s good with the on-the-floor scratchers, but that’s totally something I didn’t think of!

      A bed on the desk, unfortunately, would not work because it’s not so much the desk he likes as much as it is smushing my face and getting on my shoulders…my boys are dysfunctional. So difficult!

  2. Boomdeeadda

    I wouldn’t have even know that was a cat tree, so that’s awesome because yes they are hideous…we have one and two posts. As we are renting from a friend we are taking allllllll precautions at our disposal to deter any cat scratching on bannisters or otherwise. I’ve also seen these shelves shaped like smiles…..you hang them randomly on a wall and the kitties can just jump from one to another, except they aren’t good for really anything else…maybe wine bottles, mmmmmm.

    • MEOWhearthis

      We also rent, so I know the feeling. Especially since I’m vehemently against declawing. They’re pretty good about it…Taco will occasionally decide any random spot is good for scratching but it’s not all the time. As a fellow crafter, I’m sure you’re on pinterest…have you ever looked up cat furniture? Some people have the most amazing set-ups. Shelves all over, built-ins…a girl can dream!

      • Boomdeeadda

        I never thought to search ‘cat furniture’ cool….going now, thanks for the tip. I’m not sure if many vets would declaw but we actually had soft paws on Blossum for a while. They were the ticket. Little plastic claw caps you glue on they fall off as the claw grows out. She had pink ones. After about 4 times, she wasn’t even trying to claw anything, so we don’t bother with them now. They’re about $25, you get two sets and glue and they last about 6 weeks per set.

      • MEOWhearthis

        Oh right, you’re in Canada. The US is one of the only countries in the world where declawing is widely accepted. I don’t know any vets that DON’T do it, unfortunately. They will usually provide you with a pamphlet about why it’s bad, at least. I love soft paws! They’re brilliant. Moosh will remove every single one the minute I let him go. Taco ignores them but I’ve been slacking on reapplying them. I suck at putting the glue cap on right and I ruin every tube. So I have a crapload of nails and a crapload of useless, clogged glue tubes.

      • Boomdeeadda

        Wow, that’s surprising to hear. I think declawing is a lazy solution myself. I guess if it means dropping it off at the Shelter or having it declawed, it’s better to have a home.
        We keep our Soft Paws and glue in the fridge, seems to help. We could never put them on Petals, she’s too much of a wiggler. But Blossum doesn’t mind. It takes two of us though. I pet her and Mr B puts glue in the plastic claw cover and sticks it on. I could never see what I’m doing. She might pull off the odd one, but they seem to stay on for the most part. What colour did you put on? I might go lime green for spring…LOL

      • MEOWhearthis

        Americans are lazy. We believe everything exists for our convenience. People are shocked to hear that declawing is illegal in most civilized countries.

        I did lime green last time! So cute. I got red once, thinking it was manly, but not so much on the nails. Clear is gross, they get yellowed. Black is nice, though!

    • MEOWhearthis

      Hahaha thanks! Just between you and me, I had to take 83475843 shots to get that. The little &$%*$er kept moving at the EXACT wrong moment, or he looked like a black blob of nothing. Or I looked horrid, and despite my willingness to post a picture of myself with no makeup, I draw the line at posting one where I look like Sloth from the Goonies.

      • Boomdeeadda

        Oh I hear ya, they aren’t all keepers. No makeup? I wouldn’t dare. My cats are always getting in the photo UNTIL you want them in the photo. Then they’re all aloof…..go figure.

        Sloth from the Goonies LOL…not in a million.

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