I’ve been neglecting you.

I’ve been really sucking on the “writing new posts” thing lately. I don’t think this is because my cats have magically become well-behaved and wonderful. They have not. But I’ve been busy working and when I’m not, I’ve been too tired to use my brain.

My brain’s not working that well today, either, so I’ll just take you through pictorials of my Caturday.

I tried to sleep in, but my kitty alarm clock (that’s Taco) had other ideas. Moosh, bless his little heart, just stood on my laptop that was on the dresser and creepily watched us sleep.

Oh hai. Don't mind me.

Oh hai. Don’t mind me.

Then I ran errands. I put back a crapload at Ulta, as it was, I spent a fortune on just the things I went there to buy. WHY ARE GOOD PRODUCTS SO EXPENSIVE?

Made a stop at the dollar store. Saw some really interesting things.

This is just weird. It looks like the cat is trying to escape the bag.

This is just weird. It looks like the cat is trying to escape the bag.

Why anyone would feed their cats food from the dollar store is beyond me. For that matter, the human food didn’t look much more appetizing.

Clam strips. Heh. I could make a juvenile joke here.

Clam strips. Heh. I could make a juvenile joke here.

Then I spent the rest of my day sitting on my ass with the boyfriend, who also sat on his ass. Bitching about the things we SHOULD have been doing. To my credit, I DID at least start the laundry, mainly because I have a lovely white sweatshirt with cat puke on it. Taco is such a joy.

What were the cats doing through all of this?

He's so effin' cute.

He’s so effin’ cute.

Sleeping, of course. God forbid they miss THEIR beauty rest.

We’d lock Taco out of the bedroom at night but he’d just claw at it, which is really more disturbing than the “wake-up-feed-me” meow. I wish someone made a white noise machine that counteracted bratty felines.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    We have dollar stores but they seem to only sell dry goods. I wouldn’t brave anything edible for me or my cats. Sometimes it good to be a couch potato, look how well it works for Taco.

    • MEOWhearthis

      I love dollar stores. Only the ones that actually have everything for a dollar, though. There are some that are misleading. But no, nothing edible. Ever. Good party decorations, though. And grill cleaning wipes. Everything works well for Taco because it’s all about him!

  2. Oldcat

    When cats used to try and wake me up in the morning I would grab them and hold them tight and talk high pitched baby talk at them and let them go. They soon learned to keep out of reach until I wake up on my own. Once I wake up they pile on and keep me company.

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