Not all the brats have fur…

Newsflash: This morning, the cats DID NOT WAKE ME UP.

The boyfriend did. At 6:30. To tell me he fed the cats. THANKS HONEY.

And people wonder why I don’t want kids. I have 3.

Speaking off, the furry ones are certainly full of vim and vigor today. They’re chasing each other around the house and chirping at things I can’t see at the sliding glass door.

And playing with the Sunday paper.

Everything's a toy.

Everything’s a toy.



So I’m getting out of the house. It’s a little windy for a beach day, but it’s cloudless and lovely and I’m going to have some bestie time with my favorite gal while getting brown (or sunburned, which is more likely, despite careful application of sunscreen).

Happy Sunday, ya’ll!



In true Polish fashion, I celebrated by first sun of the year with a sunburn, despite careful application of 15spf OceanPotion Gel (this is sincerely the best sunscreen I have ever used, yet it’s impossible to find. You have to scrape it off in the shower later but it STICKS. I just miss spots. It’s just one of those stupid things I do, I miss streaks of skin somehow. And yes, I know that 15 is shitty, but I like being tan, and I started getting my skin cancer checks last year, since I live in Florida and all. And I wear 30 on my face.)

It doesn't look that bad, but it is for a stark white Pollack.

It doesn’t look that bad, but it is for a stark white Pollack.


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