Eating habits.

Funny how we all have our own thing when it comes to food. I personally have a love/hate relationship with it, as it makes me fat. The funny thing is, I’m a SUPER picky eater and vegan, so in theory, it shouldn’t. But it does. For 9 weeks straight I’ve been hitting the gym regularly and not drinking beer during the week and watched the scale crawl up 1 pound at a time, and it’s maddening. I wish that I could just view food as fuel and not, you know, want it. The boyfriend has the metabolism of a…um…something that has a fast metabolism. He eats whatever he wants and remains super skinny. I hate that. I was almost thankful for a stomach bug earlier this week that made me very unhungry for a few days.

But enough about me, this is about the cats. Moosh is looking pretty hefty these days. I know he’s not as active as Taco, which is fine, but he’s also the one who gets pushed out of his own food because Captain Stuffmyface already finished his and wants to hijack his brother’s. Which, in turn, leaves me with a very whiny kitty half an hour later when Moosh discovers that he has not, in fact, had enough to eat. So then I have to feed him again, and try to keep Taco away. Taco, despite eating two helpings, gained exactly one ounce in the year between vet visits. Go figure.

It's empty because you let your brother eat all the food, dodo.

It’s empty because you let your brother eat all the food, dodo.

I wonder where picky eating comes from. I know I drove my parents crazy as a kid, because I was the only person on the face of the planet who didn’t like pizza, I refused to eat onions, and although I eventually came around to both of those, I still dislike mushrooms. It’s a texture thing. Moosh has been picky from the start. He doesn’t particularly care for wet food, and I went through a ton of brands of dry until he finally decided he liked one. Then Taco had to go on the crap prescription food, and fortunately, Moosh was ok with that, because it seemed like the organic food I was feeding both of them made Taco puke. Seriously, he is a beast of a puker. I have to give him Pepcid. So Moosh likes the crap food most. And he won’t even eat real turkey. Taco, on the other hand, will even eat TOFUrkey. So where does this all start? Is it in our genes or is it learned?


  1. Boomdeeadda

    Interesting question. As a terrible picky eater (vegetarian but not vegan), it’s pretty tricky to join people at restaurants at times because they won’t have a single thing on the menu that I would order. I’ve actually been to pretty nice restaurants and ordered a salad and got really evil looks from the waiter. Like “how dare you”….I want to say, “well if you were considerate enough to include non-meat items, I wouldn’t have to starve”. I’m with you on the mushroom thing too, they always seem dirty to me (??). Our two kitties seem to be a lot like yours. One eats endless meals and one is a nibbler who throws up half of what she eats. I’ve been mixing two types of food to appease there preferences but I don’t really know if it helps. I used to jump on the scale every morning, it was really distressing. The fact is you can go up and down a few pounds easily just by retaining fluids. I only weigh myself once a week now and it actually seems to fluctuate a lot less……might be something to try.

    • MEOWhearthis

      Haha I always feel like the waiters just think “Wow. You’re weird.” Plus, the boyfriend eats enough for two.

      I actually find comfort in the daily weighing…it makes me understand the daily fluctuating. I only count the Tuesday weeklies. Oddly enough though…3 days in a row this week, exact same weight to the tenth. Never happened before.

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