It’s hard to write a blog with a cat on your lap.

Yet here I am, writing a blog with a purring Taco curled up like my lap is the only place in the world that’s remotely comfortable. And even that’s a stretch, because he keeps getting up and readjusting and flopping down like his legs are broken. Taco’s a funny cat. He doesn’t do anything halfway. I give him mad props for that. When he loves you, he REALLY REALLY REALLY loves you. When he’s playing with a giant moth, he’s going to play with that hideous thing until…well…until I pick it up and throw it outside. I couldn’t find it half the time, and the few occasions that I did, it was in Taco’s mouth and that just plain grossed me out. I’m really not sure how that thing was even alive, but it was flap-flap-flapping away. Wasn’t really going anywhere. But it sure was fun for Taco. Moosh just kind of tagged along when he felt like it. I guess it was too much work for him to have any real part in it. Besides, Moosh’s specialty is attacking moving lights. He’d starve in the real world. I think he’s a little “special.”

Moosh LOOOOOVES his pillow time.

Cat is off my lap. That’s good, because he made a horrible armrest. Too furry.

Taco on my lap, one day when it was sunny. Fun fact: he will only sit on my lap while I’m sitting at the desk.

It’s a rainy, crappy day today and I don’t feel inspired by anything. So this is just some random musings. I didn’t even get to do my weekly retail therapy at Le Boutique Target today. There was thunder and lightning. Lots of it. Sure, I’ve got galoshes for the rain part, but I’m not willing to test out my lightning strikeability anytime soon.


So. Lazy boyfriend, lazy cats, lazy me. Anyone doing anything fun and sunshiny? Don’t tell me, I don’t wanna hear about it. Sigh.


Taco is a FOUL beast. Ugh.


    • MEOWhearthis

      I have a small desk, so they don’t even try. There were a few incidents involving the slide-out keyboard shelf, too, so I think they’re wary of the desk in general now, fortunately.

  1. PJordan

    Loved your blog. I’ve got a cat on my lap right now, giving me an excuse to not get up and do something productive. I ask myself, “Is this maybe productive? Sitting here, doing nothing with a cat on my lap?” Sure feels good…..

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