Cat puke-a-thon update.

I have to feed Taco prescription food, and it’s crap. It’s good for his condition, but it’s crap. I’m the kind of kitty mommy who likes feeding her babies organic, meal-free, byproduct-free food. So I sneak in some good food sometimes. I wasn’t keeping a food diary or anything, but something set off alarms that it kind of seemed like Taco puked when I added the other food in there. So today, I didn’t. And before he ate, I force fed him an eyedropper of Pepcid AC dissolved in water (thanks again, Mommy, that idea was BRILLS!) and so far…we’ve made it through the day without a single vomit!

Yay, Taco!

Of course, I only fed them half of what I normally do, and I know they’re starving but I reasoned that somewhat starving kitty was better than a kitty who was completely starved because he ate too fast and ralphed everything back up. No vet today! Yay!

Doesn’t Moosh Moosh look positively THRILLED?


  1. Boomdeeadda

    Hey now, our Petals has the same issues….eat’s too fast and then gets sick everywhere. As a renter, our landlord will be happy to know I’m shampooing the nasty carpet one spot at a time. We also bought the expensive Vet food $45 CDN per bag and nothing changed. The only thing that works is leaving very small amounts of nibblies at a time…funny enough, Petals practically lives on Wiska’s treats…green bag…I throw them down the stairs so she doesn’t just sit & eat too fast. Good luck with Taco. PS, that last pic of Moosh & the cattitude look is so darn familiar..LOL

    • MEOWhearthis

      HAHAHA I have the same thing with my carpet. There are random clean spots all over. It’s almost leopard print. So far the kitties are doing ok with the slow feeding but DAMN they’re ALWAYS HUNGRY!

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