Avoiding the mews.

Today is election day. I’m nervous. So I’m trying to avoid watching the news. I dropped off my ballot yesterday (drive-thru!) so my vote is in…I’m worried about the rest of the country. It’s also the boyfriend’s birthday, but we’re not doing anything because Tuesday birthdays are really no fun.


So in the interest of distraction, I’m posting cute kittehs.

Moosh where he’s not supposed to be…

Taco after snatching a skeeter right out of the air. And promptly losing it in his paw because it was so tiny.

Taco stoned on calming treats.


Moosh furrin’ up my pillow


And that’s all until tomorrow, folks, when I wake up and feel as depressed as I do on Tuesday mornings when I see that I lost fantasy football AGAIN (only this is a 4-year sadness, there’s no “coming back” next year) or hopeful and appreciative of my fellow Americans. Fingers crossed!



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