Every day is kitty christmas.

The boys didn’t get a ton of presents this year…in fact, they only got 3. Well, 4 if you consider our generous gift to house and feed them for another year. They really never seem to appreciate that one…

Anyway, our very nice and VERY religious next door neighbor left us a note saying something to the effect of WWJD (he would be neighborly, it seems), a bag of chocolates (a lovely gesture, but alas, not vegan – I’ll regift, though…the boyfriend isn’t really a “sweets” person) and a cat toy stocking.

So spoiled.

So spoiled.

Despite my atheism, I was able to look past the Jesus part of the note and focus on the intention and found it to be surprisingly heartwarming overall. The kitties loved the toys, although a few of them were the ones that Moosh absolutely LOVES (the ONLY kind of toy that he really likes) but that we cannot keep because Taco eats the sparkles, which in turn makes his poop sparkly AND bloody. I can’t just have normal cats?

The boyfriend bought them two bags of treats. He didn’t wrap them. In fact, he left them on the counter when we went out to a christmas eve party (I remembered this shortly after arriving to said party) and in the biggest christmas miracle EVER, they went untouched.

I bought them a new Neko toy. Moosh doesn’t seem to care for it (shocker!) but Taco goes apeshit for it. The first night we played with it he growled the whole time. Maybe not really a growl, that gutteral “rrrrrrrggg” that they do. The boyfriend, of course, missed this amusement and I have yet to accomplish replicating it. It’s just like when you take your car to the mechanic because it’s making a funny noise and the funny noise totally stops when you get there. Taco still loves it. I actually have to hide it in the pantry because otherwise he will find wherever it is, pull it out and drag it around.

So far, Taco hasn't figured out how to turn door handles. Yet.

So far, Taco hasn’t figured out how to turn door handles. Yet.

I personally had a good christmas, even though I was very PMSy and cranky on the actual day of. But I did get to spend it with my dad, mom, stepmom and boyfriend. I’ve never been jealous of people with big families. My little one is just fine. And I got stuff I asked for, like expensive anti-aging night moisturizer (I’m turning 31 in 2 months, it’s time to worry about this shit) and a tablet holder that confused my mom when I asked for it because I don’t have a tablet (I switched gyms because LA Fitness took over mine and I hate them, and my new gym’s cardio machines have no magazine holders – so baffling, but I HAVE to read magazines to get through cardio, I don’t like watching TV, and the tablet holder was my brilliant idea to remedy this). I also got kickass stuff from my friends, and in addition to the actual gifts, we we able to over our amazing wrapping talents (we have no shame in patting ourselves on the back and feeling superior to the lesser talented wrappers).

We have such good taste.

We have such good taste.

And I wish all of you a happy holiday season, whatever you celebrate and whatever you believe. And all of your kitties, too!


  1. catsinyourpants

    Ooohhh weee!!! That’s a damn good kitty stocking. I have almost the same one but it’s in red and my cat hates it because he hates everything fun I come up with. (Puking on me in the middle of the night is not something I have come up with, therefore, is very popular in my house.) Meowy Christmas!!!

    • MEOWhearthis

      That’s almost as fun as MY cat’s favorite toy…howling and scratching at closed doors! Oh, and knocking things over at 5am. Peeing on the couch is also a favorite. Puking is popular here too, but they prefer to do it on our shoes. Meowy christmas to you too!

  2. Boomdeeadda

    That’s really nice of your neighbour. We’re in a condo and people seem nice enough. Someone knocked on our door last night to advise us our garbage was torn up and could we come out and clean it up. Ah, thanks then…merry christmas, nice to meet you….(living downtown, people go thru the blue bag for bottles at times). We don’t have a big family either, just me, two bro’s and 1 sister-ilaw…but we stick together. We also hide Petals toys at night…the growling/howling is too much but we love her. Happy New Years!

    • MEOWhearthis

      Hah we live in a townhouse, our dumpster is (fortunately for us) a few seconds from the door and apparently, we live amongst heathens. If one side of the dumpster is full, no one bothers to go to the other side, and they just throw it on the ground next to it. The garbage guys take the trash in the dumpster, leave the piles next to it (can’t blame them, really, it’s not their job) and we’re left with a bunch of crap to step over because who else is going to clean it up? I’m not THAT neighborly, I have never once in my life thought it would be ok to leave my trash outside the dumpster because I was too lazy to walk three steps to the other COMPLETELY EMPTY half and toss my trash. Sorry. Got a little carried away there. It’s just amazing to me. On the flipside, amazing to me that your neighbor wouldn’t just help ya out…it’s not like you did anything wrong. Calling you out for something that you had nothing to do with? Pretty dick move. Blue bag, I assume means recycling? We’re in an unincorporated part of the city that does not have curbside, but we do at least have a dropoff 2 seconds from our place.

      • Boomdeeadda

        Yep, blue bag is recylclables, once a week, out the night b4 pickup. People are funny, I suppose she might have thought she was being neighbourly in some fashion. Me, I might have said, “shoot, someones gone looking for bottles at your steps, if you have another blue bag I can help you”…we lived in the country for 25 years, city life has it’s advantages and disadvantages. I agree, why wouldn’t you go around and toss it in the other side of the bin…urrg.

      • MEOWhearthis

        That’s actually the absolute perfect thing to say…you’re not volunteering to do it yourself but you’re not being awkward and accusatory either. Too bad we’re not neighbors!

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