More cat hair?

Thanks to global warming, it’s balls hot this week here. You’d think that I would LIKE the heat, which I do, but I also dislike global warming (I also hate the people who refuse to believe that that’s not a “thing” – it is. Please check out maps of glaciers a year ago and the same maps now. Even the scientists are all WTF).

This is just adorable. I accept his fur.

This is just adorable. I accept his fur.

I would also like the weather more if I didn’t so inconveniently have to go to WORK on nice days. I think it’s horribly unfair that my boss doesn’t accept “beach day” as a reason to not show up (I’m kidding, I’m TERRIFIED of breaking rules, I quite seriously have panic attacks when I attempt to, I blame catholicism in my youth).

I would ALSO like the weather more if it wasn’t a meat locker in my office constantly regardless of the temperature outside. It makes getting dressed in the morning rather difficult. I’m considering flip flops tomorrow, I guess I’ll just defrost my tootsies outside if they start looking black and dead.

I’m assuming the outside heat is going to send the cats into shed mode. I’m REALLY starting to think about shaving them now. Maybe I’ll take them to a groomer. I wish my cats weren’t so neurotic. Then I could take them places without worrying about scarring them horribly. So fragile. They certainly don’t take after their mother.

Evil plotting. Shoulda called em Pinky and the Brain.

Evil plotting. Shoulda called em Pinky and the Brain.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    That picture just cracks me up…yep, you might be smart to be suspicious. “evil plotting” indeed, LOL What’s with bosses, a team meeting at the beach might be very productive. Maybe initiate a suggestion box, then spam the daylights out of it with your idea. I’m sure with so many nice days, it gets to be pretty tempting. The cat hair thing is out of control, I’m resigned to totally wear out our landlords vacuum. I’ve started to actually vacuuming the that wierd? It seems to work pretty good.

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