Birthdays and vets and kittens and fat.

Took Taco to the vet yesterday. Just the yearly checkup, which I think was 2 months late. Anyway, both the boys just had birthday, Moosh is now six and Taco four…and apparently 4 is the year to get FAT. Because according to the vet, that’s what Taco is. Tell me how I’m supposed to reduce his food when he eats all of the food? I can’t starve Moosh to cut back on Taco. I got a grazer and a gorger. Guess who wins?

Layin' out

Layin’ out

And seriously, 13 lbs for a cat is NOT that bad. Sure, he was 11 lbs for the majority of his adult life but 2 lbs in a year isn’t THAT bad. As much as he runs around I cannot believe he’s getting fatter. Plus, I discovered that we’ve actually been buying “moderate calorie” food, which explains why we’ve been running through it so fast — and why the cats have been begging for food 3 hours after morning feedings.

It also is a two-man job to even get Taco into the carrier, despite careful planning. I had attempted to carry out the kidnapping without waking the boyfriend up but alas, it got too loud, which was fortunate because he heard enough to shut the bedroom door just in time to avoid Taco running in and hiding under the bed. Then came down to help, since I got Taco in but couldn’t close with one hand.

They have kittens for adoption at my vet. These kittens were adorable. I threatened Taco if he didn’t shape up, I was trading him in for a new model. His performance didn’t improve, but the vet rejected my trade offer. Go figure.

As all cat owners know (I assume all, every cat I’ve ever had is MISERABLE in the car) I endured bone-chilling howls all the way there. Slightly muted on the way back. And, upon arriving home, feeling horribly guilty for all my evil doings, proceeded to give Taco all of the treats in the world. Including turkey, which he meowed incessantly for, but didn’t know what to do with upon receiving. Shrugh.


  1. kirstenl2011

    My cat is the same way in the car too. But after a while he shuts up. All he wants to do is look out the window and sit in my lap. Maybe figure something out so he can see the world passing. That might help the crazy meowing lol. But don’t give up on Taco! Love him through his craziness!

    • MEOWhearthis

      Fortunately for Taco, when he’s not being a pain in the ass, he is quite possibly the most adorable cat in the universe. This saves him from expulsion and life on the streets. I can only imagine what would happen if I let either of my cats out of the carrier while driving…it brings to mind a friend of mine who hit a cop car on the way to the vet with her kitten because it scurried under her brake pedal. I open the carrier enough to pet on the way there, but it doesn’t seem to help. I just howl back at him.

  2. rouschel

    I had to laugh because my Shadowcat started getting fat anywhere from 4 to 6 years old. Her weight has stabilized at 10, so they probably go through similar cycles we humans go through? I know that our cats use the whole food area as a territory/turf war as well. I usually have to moderate feedings to make sure Shadow doesn’t eat off both bowls and bully Loki away. The day those two get along will be the day that pigs fly.. and they’ll probably only get along long enough to figure out how to catch the flying pigs. Great post!

    • MEOWhearthis

      Hah it’s weird because I still think of Taco as a kitten…my bratty teenager. At least Moosh doesn’t seem bullied, per se, it’s more like “whatever, dude, if it’s that important to you, have at it” – but then is surprised half an hour later when his bowl is empty. And thank you!

  3. aimee

    I’ve missed your “voice” so it’s good to read your posts! But, you may hate me for saying it, two pounds IS a lot for a cat. In Taco’s case, it’s nearly 20% of his original body weight of 11 lbs. My Lily was pushing 18-19 lbs and I got her down to 14. It’s hard work and calorie control food is part of the solution….the other is not giving in to their pleas for more food! 🙂

    • MEOWhearthis

      Aw thanks! And honestly, I was very surprised at the 2 lb. gain. He doesn’t look any bigger. He’s still smaller than Moosh, who, previously, weighed 11 lbs. too. It’s just hard to restrict calories for one cat when it just means the non-pig will get less food…sigh.

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