New year. Woo.

It’s really just another day, right? The cats REALLY did not seem very excited last night when we poured champagne.

So this technically is sparkling wine, because it's from Spain, but it was cheap. And yes, that's not a champagne glass, but seriously, who has those?

So this technically is sparkling wine, because it’s from Spain, but it was cheap. And yes, that’s not a champagne glass, but seriously, who has those?

Not that they got any. In fact, they were asleep.

Oh, really, it's midnight? Eff off, humans.

Oh, really, it’s midnight? Eff off, humans.

Probably the right idea. I’ve always thought starting the new year with a hangover wasn’t really in the spirit of new year’s resolutions. Unless, of course, your resolution is to drink more. Frankly, with the way the world is these days, I wouldn’t blame anyone for doing just that. We stayed in and played 80’s Trivial Pursuit (this part of the evening was a HUGE concession on the boyfriend’s part, and I am very appreciative of his willingness to make me happy).

Taco was kind enough to referee for us.

Taco was kind enough to referee for us.

Neither of us wanted to stay sober enough to drive and there was nothing worth getting a taxi for.

I don’t really make resolutions. My interests are fleeting and cycle too quickly for that. I always try to go to the gym, I already half quit smoking, and I’m vegan. Pretty damn healthy if you ask me.

Besides, I have already resolved to do a bunch of stuff. Like be neater. Neatness is really not a Sarah trait. I try to be. I really do. But I can’t. Even when I do organize things, the “Organizing Sarah” has COMPLETELY different ideas from “Trying To Find Things Sarah.” Wherever I think is a good place to put something when I’m putting it there, I cannot for the life of me figure out where that is when I’m trying to find it. It’s some weird split personality thing. The boyfriend loves neatness, and I drive him crazy. You can imagine how much he loves the cats, because, you know, they don’t deposit hair and cat litter EVERYWHERE.

Basically I have these ongoing resolutions that, when I get a wild hair, get all charged up about making them happen again. The start of 2013 doesn’t make me feel any more resolute than any other day. I think all I really want is what we all want, and that’s to be happier. The older I get, the harder that is. Ignorance is bliss. On the plus side, even though I’m older and wiser, I’m also more forgetful. Maybe it all evens out.

Anyway. Happy new year! If you’re into that sort of thing.


  1. Boomdeeadda

    Your writing always gives me a laugh. That forgetful thing is pretty relatable. I got up for two minutes to check on Blossum and completely lost my glasses…I went from sofa to kitchen and back…urg. My husband found them on the stair banister (it’s on the way to the kitchen). Why I’d take them off my face, half way to the kitchen and put them down there is anyones guess. On the bright side, 10 minutes of marching around, looking for my glass wore off a couple of calories more than just sitting on the sofa. Happy New Year, I’m officially senile.

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